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04 May 2010

Happy New Year...?

Found this one on a friend's facebook! I didn't ask his permission... so hopefully this doesn't present some sort of copyright infringement. ENJOY the first post of 2010 - we got lazy.

16 July 2009

Wizard Duel SYF

After showing up 2 hours early for Harry Potter 6, we decided to have a WIZARD DUEL in the theater to pass the time and IMPRESS EVERYONE AROUND US -- Shake Yo Face Style!!

Who do you think won the duel? Vote in the comments!




Which Harry Potter character would deliver the best SYF?

13 July 2009

Some classics return

Jack and Charles are some of the first SYF-ers on this blog -- from so long ago, Summer 2008. In this gem they are joined by another face shaker, new to the game so not so skilled, but perhaps just as funny

Miss you boys! Lookin goood

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24 May 2009

Final score 165-164

It was one of the most beautiful days of the year, Carleton College Rotblatt 143, and these ladies couldn't help but make their day even better with a bit of shakin'

Warning: shakin yo face is not recommended as a hangover headache cure

Lovely ladies! Thanks for the submission!

17 May 2009

Shake Me a Supermodel pt. 2

Colin Steers of Bravo fame has been featured many times on this blog- and his reign is not over yet.

The world may not have been ready for him yet-- but with those lips and stunna hair swoosh, he's bound to make it big. (I'm not too bad myself)

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04 May 2009

In all their finery

At the cool kids of BU prom (wish I coulda been there.. miss you), Kate P and Perrine worked hard to look their hottest-- and then increase it by shaking it hard.

Guys love girls who aren't afraid to look ridiculous for internet fame!

Congrats ladies. Lookin goooooood

03 May 2009

Pesach yo face

Ricky, the guy in charge of rats in Manhattan and my aunt's boyfriend, works his magic at the passover seder this year. [big thx to my dad for the submission]

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02 May 2009

Celebrity Skin

For the lack of updates, I'll honor you with TWO posts today!

here is a very solid effort from the notorious Jason Ashe

Good lip actions going on. Good shirt going on (from what I've seen of it)

SYF photobombing

While I'm not sure how effective it is to photobomb a SYF photo by shaking it in the background, I recommend this method if your friends are trying to look "cute" or "sexy." Just hop in back and shake it

Props to James for this valiant effort

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09 April 2009

the all-stars of my heart

I pick favorites -- and my favorite kind of shake yo face is the GROUP SHOT!

Check out my soccer team rockin it after practice

Just got punched

Good lips here

Great work team! Yall kick ass on the field, and off. LOOOVE YOU